Tuesday, May 17, 2016

What Twins Teach Us about the Growth Mindset

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Using studies of twins in different environments, modern scientists have shown time and time again that environment plays a major role in determining IQ. When genes are basically removed from the equation, researchers know that most differences in development can be attributed to the environment each individual is exposed to. Psychological experiments have also shown that even if people have certain propensities and predispositions for various mental illnesses, the environment is a big factor in determining if the illnesses will actually develop. So the answer to the age-old nature/nurture question has been answered: it’s a combination of both.

That’s good news for educators, and people who have the growth mindset have known this all along. Shouldn’t everyone’s potential be nurtured rather than just the ones who show a high potential on a test? The main idea is that everyone has an innate genius or innate special abilities that can be accessed, developed and utilized if they know how to do so. This is where the environment can be a very influential factor in determining ability.

People with the growth mindset can learn to tap their own resources and to increase their abilities and potential. Teaching something in the right way under the right conditions can allow everyone to adopt the growth mindset and be able to solve problems and achieve goals. So incorporating the growth mindset in educational settings is the preferred method.

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