Monday, May 2, 2016

Increase Productivity with the Growth Mindset and Meditation

A day has only twenty four hours, but the tasks that we need to accomplish are many. Spending the whole day attending to those tasks, and even extending to the better part of the night, can greatly hinder your productivity and may not even result in achievement of the task at hand. Overextending yourself can leave you exhausted and unmotivated, and can even affect your health overall.

Fortunately, experts in psychology give us several options for making your brain more creative and productive in order to achieve our goals in less time (such as those listed in Entrepreneur Magazine). Of course, when you have the fixed mindset, it can be hard to imagine becoming creative in ways you never have been creative before, or being more productive than ever before. That’s why the growth mindset is a key component of the personal development process. With the growth mindset, you'll be able to adapt more productive habits, one of which of course being meditation.

Meditation will help you to focus on coming up with ways to be more creative and productive. To achieve this, you are advised to take a break from those activities which might be overwhelming you, do something that will uplift your mind and soul. You will leave the meditative session with a clear mind, and will be in a position to come up with solutions which are more creative and productive. At all times we are advised to avoid procrastination: it not only delays completion of tasks but also leads to other bad habits, which greatly impede our productivity and self-awareness.

Improving productivity and self-awareness is a conscious action, one that an individual has to work on consistently and in a committed manner. Maintaining self-awareness will give rise to good habits and further personal growth.

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